About Us

Welcome to Complete Circle

We at Complete Circle, with decades of combined team experience, offer customised wealth management solutions to exclusively fit your unique needs. We envision Complete Circle as a pioneer of simplified investing in equity-based niche portfolios through PMS. Through our quality offerings, we envisage changing the Indian norm – from being a country of savers to that of investors. Our aim is to become one of the most trusted names for PMS Services in India.


The Complete Circle Philosophy

“Complete Circle” – our name conceptualises our goal – to comprehensively cover individual portfolio needs.

At Complete Circle, the holistic circle of portfolio management begins with thorough and detailed ideating and formulating an investment strategy which goes through a rigorous and timely review of performance. This investment circle is completed with the satisfactory realisation of your financial goals.

Our vision

Our goal is to spread investor awareness around equity investing and PMS products and enable widespread financial inclusion through our financial literacy endeavours. By this, we aim to progress in our journey of transforming India into a country of investors and add value to all the stakeholders involved at every step of the way.


Progress to us is – what is continuous and sustainable.

Our mission

To build trust in long–term financial investments and cultivate a culture of equity investing across generations – in a nation of billion-plus savers.

Management Team

Complete Circle Capital is the brainchild of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds coming together to support the idea of simplified PMS investing.

We intend to fill the gap which exists in the wealth management universe. Together we want to work towards channelising aspects like investment tenure, horizon, asset allocation and achievement of financial goals.

We believe in a collaborative approach and wish to change investing mindset from that of – one fund manager towards a team practice – thus combining the depth of our expertise and the breadth of our team experience to make your financial goals a reality.

It is about you – and always about you!

Meet the Team